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Posted by: CinCin | August 14, 2010

Cin-Cin’s new Tuscan Decor and Wine Info

Check out two new articles written by Chef Kim. 

A new tipbit of information about wine:  Did you know about wine tasting?

Also a second article on Tuscan Decor: Tuscan Decor 101: Creating a Tuscany Seaside Villa

Enjoy both of these new articles.


Posted by: CinCin | August 13, 2010

Cin-Cin’s Culinary Travels Media Group has expanded!

While wordpress was great, it was just a bit limiting.  So to burst out into new areas — Cin-Cin’s Culinary Travel Media Group now manages three website blogs. 

Cin-Cin’s Travels  will house articles pertaining to basic travel.

Cin-Cin’s Culinary Travels will house all those great culinary travel articles and recipes that you have come to know and love.

Cin-Cin’s Cuisine will house all those great recipes and techniques that Chef Kim has collected and tested throughout her travels.

Posted by: CinCin | August 6, 2010

Long weeked/mini-adventure vacation — Part 2

Start of the second day was amazing.  Cool winds off the river is fantastic.  Got my coffee and laptop and headed for the front picnic table for a few hours of work.  Great being a travel photo journalist — can work anywhere at anytime. 

Took a walk down to the beach area and saw two Loons.  Loons are not normally seen around the Chesapeake area — so it was a great sight.  They were joined by the family of ducks that live in the area.  The loons soon tired of the noise and flew off.    I am hoping that I can get a sighting of a egret or blue heron.  They love nesting in the swamp trees that line the river.

Later on I will take the kayak out for a paddle down to the mouth of the river, and maybe into the Chesapeake Bay.  I also want to check out my sailboat — it is time to test it out.  Yesterday, it was land recreation — horse and hike.  Today, it is water recreation — kayak and sailing. 

Dinner plans is BBQ chicken, potatoes, and coleslaw.  White wine with dinner.  Martini’s  and crab dip before.  There will be two for dinner, so it is dress up time.  For me that is a brown safari shirt and matching skirt. Sandles of course and a little light but colorful jewelery. For the table  — A bright table-cloth, wine glasses, silverware, and plates on the porch.  Plug in the twinkle lights and a little lite music.   What a vacation!

Posted by: CinCin | August 6, 2010

Great first day of a Long Weekend Mini-Adventure

Great day!   Left for the Maryland cabin to set up camp.  Made sure the food and drinks were on ice and the bed made.  It is always better to make sure your camp is set before heading out. 

Next it was out to the state park for a 5 mile horseback ride. Had a cute little Palomino pony. Heading through the park and the trail that skirts the park is a nice ride.  It has been ages since I was on a horse, so I started out with this hour ride. On another trip south, I can work in a two-hour ride.   After the ride, I was ready for a hike.  The park has several interlinking trails that can take me up to 10 miles of hike. After my horse ride, I thought an easy hike would be the best.  Head out on a the bridge trail over the swamp area and then down toward the lake and back was about all I should handle.  Didn’t want to over do it on my first day of fun. 

Getting back to the cabin, it was time to eat.   An early dinner and late lunch was in order.   Dished up a couple of hotdogs, corn on the cob and baked beans.  A little cole slaw and a light beer.   Sat down to watch one of my favorite adventure movies — HATARI!  One of the benefits of camping in a cabin is having electric to do almost anything and especially a DVD player and TV. 

Later on after an evening rain storm, a little lite music and a martini out on the deck.  Was joined by a few other couples that were down for a long weekend as well.

Posted by: CinCin | August 5, 2010

A Long weekend of adventure

Off for a long weekend of camping, hiking, horseback riding and kayaking.  If I can get in a little sailing that might happen as well.  It is off to the upper Chesapeake bay. 

Long weekends are great for mini-vacations of adventure travel.  Pick your favorite spot, and check out the local state and national parks.  It is amazing what is available in these forgotten sports.  I have a camp on the bay and nearby is a state park. 

Your challenge is to find a mini-adventure vacation for you and your girlfriends.   Don’t forget your luxury items. 

Be back with part two of adventure travel planning.

Posted by: CinCin | August 4, 2010

Luxurious Adventure Trip Planning

My favorite adventure trips include my favorite outdoor recreation and a little luxury.  My favorite outdoor recreation includes, camping, kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowmobiles or jet skis, and of course horseback riding. The luxury can be added to the trip through trips to a local spa or winery. It can also be added by me through the type of meals and wine I serve.

My favorite camping trips include a lot of french or italian cuisine and wine.  Candle light and linens on a camp table can be quite romantic and very luxurious.   Or if staying at a lodge, a morning of skiing and then an afternoon at the spa followed by a night of dinner and dance.  

The posts that are to follow will not only be about the outdoor adventures, but also how to add a little luxury to the trip.  Europe has always been the place to go for this kind of vacation.  However, you can now achieve the same type of vacation in the US or in South Africa.  Imagine a luxurious safari lodge with guided tours into the bush.  Or a camping trip into the Redwoods of California, with wineries all round.

A good way to start planning a luxurious adventure trip is with the destination.  Then start listing the items you would like to do, see, feel, taste, and experience on this type of trip.

Let try to plan one of my upcoming trips…

Destination:  Southern California – San Joaquin Valley — based in Bakersfield . Now that I have the place and region I want to visit, lets check the tourist website for what is available to do and see.   

Adventure recreation:  camping, horseback riding, ATV,  hiking, river rafting or kayaking, fishing and hunting.   Great start, but since I am not into fishing and hunting — I believe we can take that off the list.

What to see: Sliver City Ghost Town, Sequoia National Forest, and Death Valley.  All great ideas with possibilities to add in the adventure recreation.  A hike throug the forest, horseback riding in a ghost town, or ATVs in Death Valley. There is also that element of country and western  or spanish entertainment that could be a new experience.  Rodeos are a great pass time in Southern California.

Wineries, spas, and resturants:  Bakersfield, a major city in the San Jaoquin Valleyand is known for its Basque Resturants.  A good way to work in good food with a new experience.  Day spas are always an option, but I want to experience luxury after a day of horseback riding.  So it is back to the tourism website to see what else is available to add to the list.   

Stay tune for the next part of this planning process. . .

Posted by: CinCin | July 31, 2010

What is Adventure Travel?

During a conversation yesterday, the point of explaining what I do came up again. I seem to be explaining more now that I am retired then I did when I was on active duty (although I still explain about what I use to do in the Navy as well). I explained that I am a travel photojournalist that writes mainly about adventure travel. My friends rather understood that. In a previous post, I wrote about my life as a travel photojournalist. However, they thought I should add another post about what adventure travel involved. I am beginning to think that they mostly think of me as just another Indiana Jones. Although, I do love history and have followed in the footsteps of some great archeologists – that is not the main idea behind adventure travel.

Adventure travel is a “new” travel trend. Actually, it has been around for years, just nobody did it with the exception of those in the explorers club. Adventure travel is an active exploration of a remote or a foreign destination. Bottom line is that adventure travel is getting down right dirty and sweaty doing the activities you love in foreign countries. Oh and having a blast at it!

There is “soft and hard” adventure travel. Soft adventure involves lower levels of risk and physical skill or ability. Hard adventure involves a higher risk and greater physical and mental challenges. A lot of the time, the adventure is just trying a new activity or experiencing a new culture. Many tour or travel companies provide different trips that will accommodate an inexperienced adventurer. A few also offer customized trips to meet the needs and desires of their customers dream adventure vacation.

I have discovered that I can also have adventures without leaving the country. Although this idea mess with my definition of adventure travel. I believe there are many places within the US that you can find exploration and adventure. Trekking in the backcountry of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah will provide enough adventure for some. Others want exotic places like Africa, South America or Asia.  

I usually pick a destination first, then one or two activities. If flight is involved, I try to catch a military hop or a military discounted flight. Mostly I like to camp, but have used guesthouses for my accommodations. Occasionally, I will look in on friends and family if a trip takes me in that direction. I like hiking and kayaking, so most of the time my trips involve one or both of those activities. Sometimes I use a travel company, and sometimes I plan and organize my own trips.

What kinds of activities are involved in an adventure travel vacation? Well actually, the sky and your imagination is the limit. I think this list covers the basic activities; however, I do seem to keep adding to it.

Adventure Travel Activities

Arctic Trips Backpacking Ballooning (hot air)
Bicycling Bird watching Trekking
Camping (Tent and RV) Canoeing Diving (Scuba and Sky)
Dog sledding Fishing (Fly Fishing) Four Wheel Drive Trips
Hang gliding Hiking Horseback Riding
Hunting Jungle Exploring Kayaking
Motorcycling Bungee Jumping Mountain Climbing
Nature Trips Orienteering Paragliding
Rafting Rappelling Camel Riding
Safaris Sailing & racing Snorkeling
Skiing (downhill & cross-country) Snow shoeing Snowmobiling
Glider planes and soaring Spelunking (caving) Survival and Wilderness Training
Walking Tours Windsurfing Rogaining (navigation)
Adventure Races ATVs Mountain Biking
Posted by: CinCin | July 30, 2010

Secrets about Adventure Travel

Adventure travel can be fun if you follow a few secret tips. These tips will be useful in planning your next adventure holiday. First, you must understand that adventure travel is an active exploration of a remote or a foreign destination. You will get dirty and sweaty, but have a blast doing so.

Secret 1: First, select your destination.

kayaking along the Chesapeake Bay

With a vast number of adventure trips on the market, it is easier to narrow down the choice by first choose your destination. Decide early in your planning what part of the world you would like to explore. Decide the activities for your skills and abilities. If you are a beginning adventurer, choose a trip that has a proven track record and popular appeal.

Secret 2: Shop around

Not all travel companies and adventure outfitters are created equal, nor are their itineraries. Checkout the different types of companies before setting up a tour. Compare trip routes, accommodations, cancellation policies, additional costs and the individual challenge levels. Many times, you can find established itineraries have built-in time for personal activities or options to customize your adventure holiday.

Secret 3: Stay in shape

Adventure travel is based on challenging activities. To get ready for a trip, you should work out for at 30 minutes, three times a week. Walking, cycling, rowing and carrying a day pack are activities in an excellent exercise plan. Work core systems and stairs into your exercise plan to help you trek up the mountains on your next trip.

Secret 4: Pack light and use the packing list provided.

Use small soft duffels or backpacks. Use light colored, lightweight mix and match type clothing. If your travel agency supplies a clothing list, use it and do not add further items. Experience adventurers will tell you that extra items take up space, and are not necessary.

Secret 5: Bring along a bag of trail mix

Your meals may be supplied; however, snacks may not. During the long trek, it will be handy to have a batch of your own delicious trail mix. Trail mix will help keep your energy up and stay off the hunger as you move along the trail.

Posted by: CinCin | July 29, 2010

Smart and Classy Packing

A classy and elegant packing is the key to a great trip. Although if you google packing, you will find a variety of tips. I feel that going over a  few key tips are in order. The following key tips should help you become a sophisticated traveler.

  • Get rid of the old luggage. It can weigh you down. Pick out a new lightweight suitcase that will provide the convenience of wheels and telescoping handles. Choose a suitcase in carry on size; check the TSA guidelines for sizes.
  • Begin your packing a few days before your trip. Use that spare bed to lay out all the clothes you think you will need. Spend a day removing items that are not necessary, heavy or bulky. Find pieces that you can mix and match.
  • Use mesh cubes for packing. Mesh cubes and pockets will help avoid wrinkles and will help with security delays. Role your clothes or neatly fold into these cubes. The mesh cubes can be easily pulled-out for inspection without disturbing and wrinkling your clothes.
  • Use a space or compressor bag for dirty clothes. The compressor bag will keep your soiled, damp or dirty clothes separated from your clean clothes. The bag is also transparent, allowing for easy inspection by the TSA agents.
  • Pack liquids and gels in 3 oz bottles to comply with the TSA guidelines. Place the bottles in a 1-quart clear zip lock bag and then place in an outer pocket of your suitcase for easy access.

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